Risk Factors for High-Risk obstetrics

Mothers Age:
Women with age over 34 years or younger than 18 years are considered to be in the high-risk of complications.
Mothers Weight:
Being overweight or obese increases the risk of various health issues of the mother & child during pregnancy.
Lifestyle choices:
Addiction such as: smoking, drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs increases the risk during pregnancy.
Pregnancy History:
If there were any earlier pregnancy related disorders (miscarriage, pre-term labour, etc.) it increases the risk during the next pregnancy.
Genetic defects:
If diagnosed with foetal anomalies and/or genetic disorders, it increases the risk of pregnancy.
Multiple Pregnancies:
Pregnancy associated risks also increases for women carrying twins or higher order multiples.
Health issues:
High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid disease, asthma, and infections can increase pregnancy risks.
Pregnancy Complications:
Various complications (abnormal placenta position, foetal poor growth, etc.) that occurs during pregnancy that can carry a risk.

High-Risk obstetrics cases

A pregnancy is considered high-risk when there are potential complications and increased risk of health problems that could affect the mother, the baby, or both, before, during or after the delivery. A high-risk obstetrics is the result of pre-existing medical conditions, or the medical complications that develops during the pregnancy or during the delivery process, including premature labor.

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High-Risk Obstetrics

Dr. SN Mohanty is specialized and experienced in managing high-risk obstetric cases for over 28+ years. He has successfully managed over 3,000+ high-risk pregnancies during his practice. His approach and attention in managing high-risk pregnancies involve a thorough understanding of the risk factors and attending the patient with compassion, comfort, and care. He monitors the patient very closely and pays attention to every element (family history, pregnancy history, tests, diagnosis, check-ups, etc.) surrounding the pregnancy.

In addition to treatment and care for a high-risk pregnancy, Dr. Mohanty offers treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and specialties.


  • “I switched to Dr.SN Mohanty at the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy after being very dissatisfied with another doctor’s consultation. I thank God for my decision. I was so skeptical looking at the complications I had. Thank you for making my pregnancy such a great experience!”
    Mrs. Pratibha Parida
  • "I was going through a whole lot of stress and nervousness for my medical condition. Dr. SN Mohanty not only helped me with the cure but also kept me calm and in comfort throughout. He and his team were absolutely fantastic! They were attentive, respectful, caring, and always made me look forward to my appointments. Thank you, Dr."
    Mrs. Preeti Singh
  • "Dr. SN Mohanty is the best gynecologist I have ever encountered. I consulted him during my 3rd pregnancy. He is compassionate and makes your healthcare visit a personal experience and not just another hurried doctor’s appointment. He attended to every concern of mine, no matter how big or small they may seem. Thank you, Doctor is all I can say. I wish him all the best!!"
    Mrs. Sashwat Parida

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