Severe Degree Of Endometriosis

Dr. SN Mohanty has a vast experience in handling cases with severe degree of endometriosis with attention and care. He has a very disciplined and structured approach and makes sure the patient is given the right understanding and comfort. He closely examines and monitors the patience, consults with them well, and takes proactive measures in treatment. This advanced surgery helps the women to retain their fertility and makes sure there are no possible future complications.

Endometriosis is a painful condition in which endometrial tissue abnormally grows outside the uterus, often in the pelvic area (fallopian tubes, ovaries, and other organs in the pelvic region). It has the following manifestations:
  • Painful periods
  • Pain in the lower abdomen before and during menstruation
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding or bleeding between periods
  • Infertility
  • Discomfort with bowel movements
Endometriosis can be suspected based on the symptoms and sometimes during a physical examination. The condition varies with the degree of severity from minimal, moderate to severe. The severity of the disease can result in a high-risk case resulting in multiple problems. The most critical area is carefully looking into the symptoms and issues that the patient is going through and the most common is painful periods. Such symptoms should not be ignored and the treatment has to been done on priority with the most trusted and experienced gynecologist. Treatment of endometriosis includes identifying the severity of the ailment, thorough examination, medication, and surgery for both pain relief and treatment of infertility in case pregnancy is desired.

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Severe Degree of Endometriosis

Having handled more than 3500+ cases of a severe degree of Endometriosis, Dr. SN Mohanty has gained trust and understanding during his 28+ years of practice. He is considered as the most experienced endometriosis specialist in Odisha who knows in and out of the disease and specializes in its treatments. Dr. Mohanty is very thorough and is patient with his treatment. He listens to the cited symptoms and concerns and then recommends the most appropriate treatment plan. His practice is procedural and performs a detailed ultrasound to determine how the uterus and ovaries look and immediately comes up with a plan to treat the disease.


  • “I switched to Dr.SN Mohanty at the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy after being very dissatisfied with another doctor’s consultation. I thank God for my decision. I was so skeptical looking at the complications I had. Thank you for making my pregnancy such a great experience!”
    Mrs. Pratibha Parida
  • "I was going through a whole lot of stress and nervousness for my medical condition. Dr. SN Mohanty not only helped me with the cure but also kept me calm and in comfort throughout. He and his team were absolutely fantastic! They were attentive, respectful, caring, and always made me look forward to my appointments. Thank you, Dr."
    Mrs. Preeti Singh
  • "Dr. SN Mohanty is the best gynecologist I have ever encountered. I consulted him during my 3rd pregnancy. He is compassionate and makes your healthcare visit a personal experience and not just another hurried doctor’s appointment. He attended to every concern of mine, no matter how big or small they may seem. Thank you, Doctor is all I can say. I wish him all the best!!"
    Mrs. Sashwat Parida

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